APS is a local provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial buyers of hardware and electronic components. We are local in Shanghai China, but our business is global. APS serves as a local purchasing partner for global buyers. With many years of experience in purchasing and consulting in China, APS brings local expertise to help buyers and suppliers work together in challenging industries of automotive components, telecommunication hardware components, garage door components, food and beverage delivery components. APS provides specialized services and expertise at each stage of procurement cycle, accelerating and simplifying the journey from samples or ideas at the buyer’s office to the international delivery at the customer’s warehouse. Selecting the right supply partners to assist you in meeting your goals is critical. At APS, we are uniquely qualified to deliver effective, tailored services and solutions for your business. Years of experience in managing hardware and electronic components suppliers have resulted in our extensive knowledge of best-in-class practices. With our services and solutions, you can accelerate your time from strategic sourcing to tactical purchasing. We hope to work with you to deliver tailored and collaborative solutions to ever changing market demands. Available Manufacturing Process: Stamping Casting Extrusion/profile Forging Precision machining/turning Plastic injection molding Assembly Industries: Automotive components Wind Turbine Energy Components Garage door components CATV and Grounding components Beverage/liquid delivery components Fasteners DIN and IFI

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